Transformational Mentorship

This embodied transformational work is a co-creation with nature – working with consciousness, body, botanicals and earth to self-actualize and fulfill your potential. 

I’ll support you in an alchemical approach to cultivating wellness because health of emotions, mind, spirit and consciousness is essential for the health of the body and the health of the body supports the evolution of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It’s about honoring the wisdom of your body, the creative and erotic energy that moves through you, ignites your being. By attuning to subtle energy, you’ll open a pathway to wisdom within and of the earth. This work is about listening to the body and from your environment daily. Together we’ll empower you to alchemically transmute stagnant patterns and habits that may hold you back from fulfilling your creative potential. We’ll work alchemically with Nature, embodying Gaian co-creative manifestation principles and rituals. 

Nourishment is essential to this process; how to nourish both your body and what you desire to co-create in this life. We won’t solely focused on what to eat, together we’ll elevate your relationship to your body and the earth and the creative potential that lies within that relationship. You’ll practice deep embodied listening, learning how to be well from within and in alignment with your soul.

On my healing journey, I realized how I feel about my body actually changes the way it looks. I realized that my emotional body and my approach to food – my thoughts and feelings about what I eat matter as much as (or more than) what actual food I eat. I realized that healing fitness is superior to exercise that causes pain or injury. I’ve learned to be in loving partnership with my body.

I teach love of body and earth as a spiritual path. Plants and Earth are some of my greatest teachers so I guide others in working with these powerful energies for personal healing, evolution and creativity. I teach people to learn from nature and balance their lives. I offer tools for spiritual embodiment, to make the voice of your inner wisdom louder. I guide clients in an evolution, an unfolding, a becoming, a blossoming of Self.

I work with people who…

  • Want to eat better but don’t know where to begin
  • Are stuck jumping from one diet or exercise program to another, not getting the results they want, and are at war with their bodies
  • Are disconnected from their desire, sensual expression yet know deep down that these aspects of self are keys to living their best life
  • Consider themselves spiritual, yet have a hard time landing their spirituality into the body and daily life
  • Are ready to own their power as being their own healer
  • Have suffered physically, emotionally, mentally and are ready to transmute their hardship into great gifts
  • Desire to experience the sacredness of their bodies, sensuality and sexuality 

A minimum 3 month commitment is required.

Transformational Fasting + Detox Guidance

Individual Detox Guidance

Fasting and cleansing are practical and profound tools in a transformational process. Fasting acts as a mind body re-set, allowing you to attune more deeply to your body, your Self and your path. Fasting is a devotional act to your healing and creative process. Detox, cleansing and fasting can be challenging to navigate. I support clients in using fasting + cleansing mind-body tools for transformation. I’ll support in designing the fast or cleanse program, I’ll hold you accountable in your process, I’ll support you when it gets challenging and help you integrate the experience into your larger life process.

For detox, I often work with a deep gut herbal + clay based cleanse called the Bio Cleanse Detox that can be done with a liquid fast or while eating an alkalizing diet. I’m available to design custom cleanses that best support your needs and lifestyle.

“Fasting, in and of itself, is possibly the most ancient of all self-healing techniques and can bring enormous physical benefits. It speeds up the elimination of metabolic waste and has a purifying effect on the body. In many traditions, fasting is encouraged as a spiritual discipline to help a person feel more connected to Spirit. It allows us to review our relationship with food and it can bring all kind of emotional issues to the surface.”

“The dietary restrictions are not about denial of our needs but rather the letting go of self-imposed limitations that may block us from our highest potential”

from the book Sacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness

Custom Detox Design + Guidance

Everybody has a different path to wellness, so I offer custom fasting + detox plans designed specifically for your needs and your goals. If you aren’t ready for a deep detox or need a different approach, I’m here to help you design a custom program and to support you throughout the process. This is a good option if you know you want to cleanse but you aren’t sure what you need or what you’re ready for.

  • Everybody has a different path to wellness, so I also offer custom fasting + detox plans designed specifically for your needs and your goals
  • A customized program may include intermittent fasting, use the Biocleanse detox, or it may simply be a plant based or alkaline meal plan
  • Length of the cleanse will be determined based on your goals
  • Inquire about rates

Get Started Detox Guidance Call

The call is great if you want to do the Bio Cleanse Detox on your own but you have some questions, want tips and would benefit from talking through the process before beginning. In our conversation you can solidify your intentions and goals and receive guidance for your experience. This call is a good way to begin either the 10 day full strength cleanse or the 14 day gentle cleanse.

  • Free detox guide ebook
  • 30 min call to discuss goals…
  • ask questions
  • receive guidance on the cleanse process
  • $50 

Deep Dive Detox Program

This program is for someone who wants to do the Bio Cleanse Detox and feels they need daily support. It’s great to have someone to hold you accountable on the daily, someone to share your experience with, someone there to listen and support your process. This detox can be profoundly transformational and this program will help you get the most benefit from your work. This program is suited for either the 10 day full strength cleanse or the 14 day gentle cleanse. With this program, I’ll be there for you everyday of the cleanse and afterward during your integration.

    • Free ebook guide
    • 1 hour call to start, set intentions and review the process
    • 15 min daily check in calls (or text/email support)
    • 1 hour post cleanse guidance
    • 2 week follow up call
    • $650

Ready to alchemize? Please email me at 💕