In our coaching program, we’ll give you spiritual tools and embodiment practices so you can harmonize your being and live your co-creative potential. In working with breath, visualization and meditation, we’ll guide you into realizing your spiritual self, living fully in your human body. 

Our work together honors and awakens the wisdom of your body and the creative energy that moves through you. By attuning to subtle energy and listening to the body daily, you’ll open channels of communication to the wisdom within. We’ll empower you to alchemically transmute stagnant patterns and habits that may hold you back from fulfilling your creative potential.

You’ll practice deep breathing, embodied listening, learning how to be in your body, in your power and in alignment with your soul, elevating your vibration. You’ll deepen your connection and communication with the sacred, through active prayer and integration practices. 

Our coaching programs are offered remotely. We’ll design a custom program for you, you may work with one of us or both of us, depending on the nature of your intentions and visions for your alchemical transformation.

Please contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll discuss the details


Join us for an immersive in-person transformational experience. We’ll dive deep into the alchemical tools we offer, creating a sacred container for you to make big shifts and come through the other side a more grounded, more connected, and more empowered being.

During our retreats we practice transformational tools, including breath, meditation, and visualization. We also do integration coaching sessions to assist you in landing higher vibrational energies into your life. We guide you in taking action in your life from a place of deeper connection and deeper trust of the sacred.

Please contact us if you’re interested, we’ll send details and schedule