The Alchemy of Food

At the heart of Alchemy is the dynamic relationship between consciousness and matter. If we choose it, we access our transformational potential, both as individuals and collectively, by cultivating an alchemical relationship with our food. By eating with awareness, we become active participants in co-creating ourselves and our reality.

1 .:. Eating is an ACT OF CREATION.

You are, quite literally, what you eat. Eating the fruits of the earth is a beautiful becoming, as the earth matter integrates into your body and your conscious being. The fruit itself, is conscious. Food molecules of the earth’s creation are re-organized and integrated into your physical and subtle energetic bodies, directing, framing and nourishing your conscious experience. Acknowledging the consciousness of earth matter allows you to actively co-create with the molecules you are made of. These molecules are gifts of the earth, be grateful. Create yourself with love.

2 .:. Discovering our Earthly Selves

Once you fully acknowledge that you are what you eat, you discover your body is made of the earth; your physical being is a reorganization of earth molecules directed by your DNA. Your embodied existence is rooted in your food. Every bite presents the opportunity to make a conscious choice. You choose the materials and the vibrations for your own creation. Choosing high quality, well cared for, highly intelligent, highly evolved materials will serve you and all that you create. Well-chosen materials will fuel your individual evolution. They will awaken your transformation, your becoming of the best possible self that you have the potential to be, that is the work, the opus. This is alchemy.  Eating is alchemy.

3 .:. Welcoming the Earth as Teacher

Once you understand that earthly wisdom flows through your body, you can begin to receive her teachings, her intelligence, her healing embrace. The Earth is here to teach humanity. Your body is a vehicle to receive her teachings, her transmissions of intelligence, her love, her technology. The teachings flow through your veins, encoded in the nutrients in your blood, living in your cells, they are inherent in your body, your human being. Awaken your awareness to feel her. Listen to her whisper. First listen within.

4 .:. Attuning to the Subtle

Awaken your awareness to the subtle. Learn to listen beneath the sounds, attune to the vibrations, the intelligence in your being. Assimilate the subtle, allow it to easily pass through your digestive system, into your blood, and illuminate your cells with information. Hear your whole being’s response; there is infinite information in the dialogue of the subtle. Different foods have different energetic qualities, knowing this difference empowers you to know your medicine. You are your own medicine. You have healing powers.

5 .:. Micro is Macro Cosm

Your evolution is your opus. The great work, the opus, your personal transformational journey, is a key in your service to all of humanity. When we heal ourselves, we respect ourselves and we create the space to respect others, to respect our mother, this beautiful planet that hosts our being. A micro universe exists inside of you; it is a cell of the macro universe. Take responsibility of the cells that you are made of and can easily influence, the cells that you co-create. As we awaken our individual cells, we support the awakening of all humankind. Our every action of taking care, of consciously loving ourselves, inspires those around us. We are all designers of the future, creating our world with our thoughts. Nourish your thoughts with the consciousness and wisdom of the earth to support a thriving future. Awaken on a cellular level. Bring in the light. Be solar powered. Eat plants! They eat the sun.

6  .:. Taste the Sacredness of the Earth

Our mother planet is endowed with an intelligence we have yet to comprehend as a species. She knows our past and our evolution. She has co-evolved us, she is our co-evolutionary partner, and she is a master manifestor. Allow yourself to deepen into this knowledge. When you take a bite of food, honor this highly intelligent biological ecological system, allow the information to flow through your being. Olfactory communication is a core to the language of the earth and plants.  Learn to smell the truth in the air, the flowers, and your food. Attune your senses to taste the sacredness of the earth.

7 .:. Honor the Container

The container is the physical, the matter, the mother, the earth, the womb, the feminine, the receiver. The holder of the magic. Honor this creative space. The physical body is the container for our evolution of consciousness. You must have a healthy body, a healthy physical and subtle energetic body, to be able to receive and assimilate the frequencies of higher consciousness that are coming to earth. This is key to our evolution, to the upshift, to the way forward into a new paradigm. This is honoring and listening to your mother. She is here to heal, she is here to teach, she is here to help us grow. She wants to create with you. Love her, she knows best.

8 .:. Fasting in Silence

It is simple; to know how to eat properly one must consciously cease eating for some time. To know how to speak properly, one must practice silence and listening. By fasting, mono dieting and cleansing, you eliminate the energetic chaos, the noise, the clutter. You clear the many paths and focus the directions that pull you. You then create the space to settle into simply what is, this is medicine. Food has a powerful pull; eating many different kinds from many different sources passed through many different hands can scatter your energy field. When you give your system a rest from overload of information, it reprograms itself to awareness. Suddenly you become aware of things you never noticed before, the depths of the scent in a carrot, the sensation miso has in your stomach, the digestion and assimilation of your beloved chocolate, the nutrients of greens in your blood, the feeling of clean water nourishing your chakras. Attuning to the subtle provides unlimited information on your Self, your inner being, your body and your soul. Your soul knows how your body wants to be fed, so does your body, your work is to access its intelligence and support the body’s communication with your conscious mind.

9 .:. The Secret Ingredients: Love + Consciousness

All matter holds influence of consciousness. Working with this universal truth is alchemy.  Transformation of matter is a container, a vehicle and a symbol for transformation in the psyche or spirit. Understanding how these energetic transformations occur give you the power to create, create yourself, create our future.  When you grow, harvest, cook and eat with love, you deeply nourish on an energetic level.  This realm is more subtle than the densely physical, this is the psyche, this is spirit, this is a powerful place to access, this is the source of creation, it is love. And yes, you can access it through the way of your food. Love your food. Connect your heart to your food. Chant “love” to your food when you cook. Allow your food to support the intentions you have in life.  Ask your food to nourish your true self, your higher self, the all knowing cosmic you.

10 .:. Mastering the Art of Being

Whether you’ve embraced it yet or not, you are a creator, you have the power to create, all of humanity is evolving to embrace this power. Love it, be it, and emanate it, responsibly. Mastering the cellular response of your inner being to the outside world, to the wonders of the earth, is the initial step. Your body wants to support your evolution, but you must support your body. Your body moves towards balance, and you must nourish its moving towards center. Once you master the creation of yourself, mind and body, in matter and in spirit, you are an alchemist, you are a master in the art of transformation, which is the way of creation. You are embracing the Great Work, you are the artist creating your life, you become the opus. You are creator.

11 .:. As Below, So Above…As Above, So Below

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.  And just as all things have come from this One Thing, through the meditation of the One Mind, so do all created things originate from this One Thing, through Transformation.”  – The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation by Dennis William Hauck

This piece was originally published 5 years ago on WakeUpWorld. What you’ve just read is a current revision, yet this piece is an ever evolving body of work, it will continue in many ways. It is a seed. Stay tuned!

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