Ruby Red Juice | Detox Series

This red juice is bright, sweet, rich and rooty. From the photo, it may look like rainbow juice, but I ensure you that once you juice these beauties, together they’ll turn a rich red! Peeling the cucumber is key, because if you mix some potent green into the red, you’ll get brown, which is bleh. The site of your food (and juice) matters – it affects the way it tastes, and I believe beautiful food more deeply nourishes the soul. Paying attention to the subtleties, like the differences in color, can enliven your relationship with the plants you eat. Awareness of color can connect you more deeply to what the plants have to offer.

Feel free to choose the produce proportions according to your taste and your desired sweetness. For a less sweet juice add more cucumber and red cabbage, for a sweeter juice more beets, carrots and apple.

Remember to always use organic produce (or non-GMO produce grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers) when juicing, especially when you’re juicing for a cleanse!

Makes 2 large glasses

½  red cabbage, white hardy center removed

1 large beet

1 red apple

2 carrots

1 cucumber, peeled

½ lemon, peeled

1 inch ginger root

1 inch turmeric root

Note for anyone doing the Biocleanse: If you’re consuming this juice while you’re liquid fasting, on days 4-8 of the full strength cleanse, you might want to fine strain the juice, depending on the quality of your juicer.

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