On Eating Bread + Being ‘Gluten Specific’

After years of discovering how to best nourish my body, I’ve come to call myself “gluten-specific.” Being gluten specific means I occasionally eat gluten, never as a staple in my diet, only on rare special occasions. It also means I’m highly specific about the type of gluten foods that I eat, optimizing for gluten foods that are more easily digested than standard American processed flour. Essentially I go for wheat products that are either properly fermented or made with sprouted grains. Occasionally I’ll eat a non-fermented, non-sprouted wheat if it’s heirloom grain, grown from genetically diverse wheat, rather than the single mono cultured wheat genome that America has been eating for decades, wreaking havoc on intestines across the nation. 

I enjoy gluteny foods like sprouted manna bread, sprouted cereal and proper sourdough bread. The term “sourdough” is vastly misused, so much that it has come to mean in many cases commercially yeasted bread that has a sour taste. A true sourdough has no added yeast and gets its bubbles and rise from a fermented sourdough starter, a culture of lactobacilli bacteria and wild yeast used to ferment the dough. 

Another aspect of the spirit of being gluten specific is that when I eat it, I fully enjoy it, I bless my food and affirm that my body is strong and can handle it. Side note that there was a time in my life when my digestion was not strong and I could not handle any of it at all. Now I never beat up on myself for eating it, I simply choose wisely and wholeheartedly, then I thoroughly enjoy! 

While deep in the detox process all kinds of things “come up,” things like unprocessed childhood emotions, trauma stuck in the cells, and all kinds of food cravings. Sometimes these food cravings are for nostalgic childhood foods that you haven’t eaten in years, feeling them come up is a kind of release of an old deep pattern with your relationship to food. Sometimes the food cravings are the body truly communicating what foods it wants and needs. And sometimes these food cravings are for foods that your body probably doesn’t really want or need, it’s just a food you miss while fasting, a food you truly love that brings pleasure and joy. While fasting you may find yourself saying, ‘if there was one thing I could eat right now, it’d be…” For me this was a really good slice of proper sourdough bread dipped in really good real olive oil.

Upon completing the detox and having taken some time to reintroduce heavier foods to my system, I found a great loaf of true sourdough bread in Los Angeles. In the spirit of loving my food and having it love me back, I made a celebration of this bread moment by creating a colorful crudite platter, as delicious to my eyes as it was to my tongue. Why not create moments of celebration with the simple things in life? For me the beauty of nature and the food it creates is a reason to celebrate every day. Amplifying this bread experience with colorful veggies, olives, vegan nut cheese, an aged cheese, and an incredible olive oil was the best way to “indulge” after the detox. 

So this isn’t really a recipe but rather perhaps an inspiration, for a snack or meal and a ‘gluten specific’ way of being. There isn’t much to this platter, it’s all in picking the best quality and most beautiful vegetables and finding the highest quality well crusted yet soft bread and a full bodied olive oil. This is the simple things, done really well, that’s it. 

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