Herkimer Diamond Gem Essence

After 400 million years of darkness, these crystal shine their light

In my years of healing journey, I’ve found that medicine is all around us. It’s in the plants, the earth, the sky, the stones. It’s in experiences, people that you meet, moments on the street.

Alchemical experiences – opportunities to heal and transform oneself and one’s life are abundant, you just need to say yes to them. So feel into the subtle energies, listen, attune, welcome and say yes to the medicine that surrounds you.

In this spirit, during this summer by Skaneateles Lake, a respite from the NYC grind, while choosing a summer of rejuvenation and also laying the foundation for The Kokoro Life, I said YES to going digging for Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer Diamonds are 400 million year old double terminated quartz crystals that are only found in Herkimer New York. There are a few other places around the globe where double terminated quartz can be found, but true Herkimer Diamonds are only found in Herkimer NY. There are 3 mines in Herkimer where guests can pay a day rate to enter. Here I spent days in a trance, a crystal state of mind, fully focused on smashing rocks, digging in dirt, and simply spotting the glistening stones on the ground. I was entirely transfixed on all the little glimmers in my rocky surroundings.

And this crystal trance worked! It lead to gathering beautiful herkimer diamonds, some broken, some tiny, and some astonishingly perfect… all divine and generating complete awe in me for the majesty of this earth.

“…beautiful herkimer diamonds, some broken, some tiny, and some astonishingly perfect… all divine and generating complete awe in me for the majesty of this earth”

These crystals had never been seen by a human before, they’d been waiting in dark stone and mud for 400 million years to reveal their light!!! This is seriously profound. Without ever being touched by a human before, these Herkimer Diamonds are so pure and clear. Think of a stone that you buy in a store, how many hands it’s passed through, all the imprints of other people’s thoughts and emotions, and environments, all affecting the energy of the stone. Not these crystals, these are pure through and through!

After 2 days of crystal digging, our whole family was seeing crystals when we closed our eyes. They did something to us. My boyfriend Zack said they cleared his mind and I could see the effect in his eyes – crystal clear energy working it’s potent magic.

So loving this crystal energy, I thought, “I wish I could bottle this,” then I realized I CAN!!!! Applying all the knowledge of making flower essences that I received from Susanna Raven of Ravencrest Botanicals and doing additional research, I created Herkimer Diamond Gem Essences.

A flower or gem essence is subtle energetic vibrational medicine delivered in water. The water is imprinted with the subtle energy field of the gem or flower. As Susanna said, a flower essence is a “meditation in a bottle.” The essence also receives the intention of the one creating the essence, it’s deep subtle work. When taken, the essences work on the subtle energy body of the person taking it. The health and balance of the subtle body affects the mental, emotional, spiritual subtle energy bodies. Many people and healing modalities believe that illness and dis-ease most often begins in the emotional and subtle energy body. It then densifies and is made manifest in the physical. So the beauty of essences is that they can clear, heal and balance the subtle energy body before the dis-ease becomes physical.

When making any essences, it’s important to be clear in oneself and in one’s intention and to work with clean and clear plants and gems. Plants generally do that on their own if they are in healthy environments. When working with gems though, it’s really important to work with energetically clear crystals. Which is why I was so inspired to bottle this crystal clarity of the newly unearthed Herkimer Diamonds. I made the essence immediately after digging them out of the ground, while maintaining a clear mind, pure heart and clear intentions of love and healing.

I’ve been working with the essence for over a month now. The biggest impact that I’ve noticed is that my dreams are crystal clear and very potent. The stones have helped open the doors to my deep unconscious, empowering my Self knowledge. Stay tuned for more updates on my journey of working with the Herkimer Diamond essence.

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“These stones support in opening the doors to the deep unconscious, empowering Self knowledge”

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  1. Fascinating! I love the feeling of the magic! I’d love to having a digging vacation! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences!

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