alchemical being, co-creating with the earth and spirit


Elizabeth Blake is an alchemical writer and transformational mentor. She is the co-creator of The Alchemy Of. She promotes a Gaian cosmology that highlights the sacredness in the mundane. Her work empowers people to co-create a reality of well being through alchemical subtle energetic, nourishment, sensual and embodiment practices. 

Elizabeth holds a BA degree in Holistic Health from Gallatin at New York University. Her college studies included Jungian psychology, nutrition, mind body connection, shamanism, Reiki, community based mental health and photography. Her senior thesis at NYU focused on Alchemy: the relationship between spirit and matter. 

She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, a certified Reiki Master, a certified Theta Healing practitioner with 400 hours of RYT certified yoga teacher training and tantra yoga training. She has over 10 years of plant medicine experience, including both shamanic and folk herbalism and has completed an Herbal Academy certification. She is currently studying flower essences.

Earth is a place where souls incarnate to embody, learn and grow, which can be a challenging road for us all. With cosmic origins of my soul, I chose to incarnate on earth to learn from this embodied existence and to serve others on their evolutionary paths. In choosing some profound lessons coming into this life, I’ve been on a deep work journey since gestation in utero. Through it all, I’ve sought embodied self empowerment in co-creation with the earth mother Gaia, because she speaks to me, her plants and trees speak to me. I’m in awe of this incredible planet and all of her creations, infinitely grateful for the wisdom and teachings encoded in earth mother Gaia. Wholeheartedly, I believe that simple acts of co-creation with the earth are keys to our sovereignty, self-empowerment and sustainability. 

As a highly sensitive being, it can be challenging to navigate this weird, beautiful and at times horrific, world we inhabit. I’ve learned to alchemize my sensitivities into portals of wisdom, gifts. I believe in taking responsibility for all we experience by transforming the dark murkiness we all face into growth, beauty and gratitude. My journey has focused on cultivating tools for being well while inhabiting this body and this planet. Overcoming some major health challenges, I’ve dedicated countless hours to discovering how to nourish and care for my body. A simple question we all face, how to eat, can be surprisingly complex in this world, and I’ve uncovered simple guiding nourishing universal truths, rooted in an intuitive sacred relationship to body and earth.

When I started college, I initially pursued Psychology. While sitting bewildered by the lack of substance in Psych 101, I realized the field of mainstream psychology was totally missing the point. I didn’t yet know what the “point” was. Following my intuition, I discovered an integrative paradigm of psyche, soul, body, earth and being, forging a path of interdisciplinary study true to my soul. Taking courses such as “Alchemy: Transformation of Self” and “Experiential Anatomy” and “Jung and the Postmodern Religious Experience,” my inspired soul was at home. Diving deeply into alternatives to the inchoate Western medical model of physical and mental health, I explored the wholeness of human being – the physical and subtle energy body, the psyche, the environment, and community. 

Years since, I continue my studies through certified trainings, practice, travel and life experience. The path has revealed that earth is intelligent, nature heals and love is powerful medicine. We carry our answers within, yet we need tools to deeply listen to our inner wisdom. Our bodies are guides and carry earthly and spiritual teachings. Plants are teachers and food is either medicine or poison – depending on what you choose. Sexuality and creativity are deeply intertwined. Empowering yourself in your earthly eroticism is a path to self-actualization. Healing power lies in conscious breath. Community is key. To thrive we must empower each other with co-creative, modern and ancient, practices of well-being. We become empowered by living in reciprocity with the earth. To truly care for ourselves and each other, we must care for the earth.

I’ll never forget the first time a mundane house plant spoke to me and energetically healed me, many years ago. Since then, I’ve continued to listen and learn directly from nature. I listen and learn directly from my body, through a wide spectrum of embodied experience – intense pain to incredible sensations and pleasures. I revel in the experiential growth available to us as souls living in a body on earth. Fascinated by the co-creative potential as sentient embodied beings, I’m a student and teacher of the senses, the erotic intelligence of the earth, desire and the alchemy of sexuality. I’m a student and teacher of plants, wisdom of nature. I’m a student and teacher of the merge of spirit and matter, the integration of consciousness and body, of alchemy.