Elizabeth Blake is an alchemical wellness guide and embodiment coach. Her work empowers people with nourishment, breath, mind body connection and subtle energetic practices. 

Elizabeth holds a BA degree in Holistic Health from Gallatin at New York University. Her college studies included Jungian psychology, nutrition, mind body connection, Reiki, community based mental health and photography. Her senior thesis at NYU was titled Alchemy: Consciousness and Matter, where she explored the transformational relationship between the body and mind, for healing and evolution of Self. 

She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, a certified Reiki Master, a certified Theta Healing practitioner with 400 hours of RYT certified yoga teacher training and tantra yoga training. She is experienced as a professional chef serving healing retreats worldwide. With over 12 years of herbal and plant medicine experience and training, she is an avid gardener and has completed a certification of study at the Herbal Academy. She is currently studying Astro Herbalism at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism.