Cacao and the Heart

Cacao is heart medicine. Cacao turns up the volume on the voice of the heart, the voice within that transcends the rational mind, the voice that bridges the calling of the soul and the innate wisdom of the body. Cacao heightens the senses and amplifies experience. Cacao cultivates deep listening, ecstatic expression and the courage to live the heart’s desires.

On a physical level, in high ‘ceremonial’ doses, Cacao can pump up to 30% more blood through the heart, increasing movement and flow within. Theobromine, meaning “food of the gods” is the main stimulant in Cacao. Unlike caffeine, which is a nervous system stimulant, theobromine is a vasodilator, making the heart’s job easier by pumping more blood and energy throughout the body.

On a subtle energetic level, Cacao increasing the vibration of the heart chakra, the green “wheel” or center of subtle energy vibrating in the chest. Feeling deeply into this pulsing of the heart connects us to one of our greatest sources of Self knowledge. It can unearth our deepest truths and guide our path to follow. The wisdom within this pulse can help us break free of conditioning from a past paradigm and open our bodies and our minds to a more fulfilling and nourishing way of being.

The integration of the physical and subtle bodies through which Cacao operates offers support in honest, connected and heart centered communication. When our hearts are pulsing louder and the heart chakra energy field is expanding, we are more easily able to connect and speak our truth to others. As hearts centers expand and make contact, we become more open to the tenderness and vulnerability of honest connection. We have easier access to the feeling of being “all one.”

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