A Deep Detox Journey

A Holy Shit experience, literally

Aside from some birth trauma, I was born healthy. Unfortunately due to way too many unnecessary antibiotics as a baby and as a teenager and a terrible experience being on the pill as a teen, and other traumas from western medical doctors, my gut health was severely compromised. Babies are born without much of a microbiome. We develop healthy gut flora as good bacteria colonizes our little bellies, starting with the bacteria on the skin surrounding a mother’s nipple. This process of developing a healthy microbiome takes time. Mine didn’t have a fair chance to develop. Once a holistic doctor told me that without proper probiotic gut flora restoration after a single 10-day course of antibiotics, it can take over a year to rebuild the gut. And I was on antibiotics for YEARS!!

I did a candida diet for 6 months years ago, it helped immensely! I could exist in my body again. I’ve maintained a good diet since, but I knew I needed a deeper level of detox. I still had a few symptoms, including some persistent eczema on my hands. After leaving my 9-5 city grind job earlier this year, leaving a moldy building in Brooklyn, I took the summer and created the space in my life to re-set and deep detox with the Bio Cleanse Organic Detox.

I choose the cleanse through gut instinct and inner knowing. My dear friend, the Drum Doula, Mia Luz was doing it, and right when she told me about it, and I saw the box, my body said a profound YES, this is the one!

The “Full Strength” version of the cleanse is 10 days on herbs and bentonite clay + psyllium husk shakes, including 5 days of liquid fasting. I had eaten a prep detox diet leading up to the start of the cleanse to limit the intensity of detox reaction.

When we began, I was nervous…How would it feel? What would I face? What deep emotions would arise? What would come out of me?!?!? I’ve done cleanses, detox diets, short fasts, mono diets, plant medicine dietas and Ayahuasca ceremonies…but I’d never done this before!

The first few days were easy, we were still eating food. When we started fasting my energy levels became erratic, I’d have a lot of energy and then suddenly be exhausted. I knew when this happened it was crucial to rest and allow my body to deal with the toxins being released. A few days after the fast began the mucus gut lining or “mucoid plaque” started coming out! HOLY SHIT, this shit was literally holy! I was astonished as to what came out of me. And it kept coming and coming for days, even a few days after I started eating food again. It. was. profound!

When consuming only liquids for days, a good variety of liquids is so welcomed and can seriously be heavenly. My favorite was vegetable broth that I made with rich shiitake mushrooms and tons of organic veggies. It felt amazing to have something warm and nourishing in my belly. My daily cup of Chaga felt even more amazing than usual. BTW I make it with the Chaga chunks, I highly recommend order the chunks, saying “hello” to this incredible mushroom and making Chaga yourself. My other hot liquid of choice was simply hot water, it felt really nice in my belly and helped to keep me warm when my body was general cold from fasting.

Green juice offered some super yummy energizing fluids – kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, cabbage, cilantro, lemon, ginger. All help with the detox process, especially cilantro which helps remove heavy metals! Helloooo, amazing. Except it if taste like soap to you, then don’t add it. Straining your juice of excess fiber is recommended while on the cleanse.

Cold water herbal infusions were a nice refreshing alternative to plain water. It’s good to mix it up when you’re only drinking liquid! For certain plants, like those in the mint family, some of the healing properties can only be extracted through herbal infusions and get destroyed when making a hot tea. Simply put fresh organic mint in a glass or jar of water and let it sit in the sun for a few hours, then sip and enjoy.

Meditation and very light movement were also key to this experience. Simply arriving on the mat, sitting, breathing deeply into the belly and emptying the breath while engaging the transverse abdominals was GREAT! It kept the energy moving, helped cleared out the gut and bring in light, high vibe clear energy into the body. Also sitting in the sun and absorbing the solar energy felt incredible and deeply nourishing.

And the ultimate moment of the whole cleanse was eating the first solid food in 5 days, the blueberries!!! Blueberries have never been so divine, that moment birthed a new found appreciation for simple foods in their total natural state of being. Watermelon was the second thing I ate and holy wow it was divine!

Since the cleanse my digestion has improved massively, now everything I eat moves more fluidly. I’m absorbing more nutrients and more energy from my food. I don’t need to eat as much! I’ve developed more connected intuition about what is best for me to eat. After clearing a lot of the stagnant energy that was blocking the communication between my mind and my body, I can more easily listen to the wisdom of my body. Also, this pesky patch of eczema on my hands has finally disappeared! And I feel like my immune system is functioning better!

After years of studying and experimenting with different dietary approaches and healing food theories, I’ve come to believe that there is no “right” way for us all and that as individuals we need to discover what works best for us. I also believe that doing a cleanse like this is a great way to strengthen the mind-body connection, develop body intuition and learn to listen for what’s best. This type of deep cleanse isn’t for everyone, it requires one to have the general health and strength to fast. I also believe that to do it well, it takes dedication, including the time and space to rest and wholehearted honor the body during the process. There is a “gentle cleanse” option which would allow one to maintain a more normal level of activity while on the cleanse!

Much love and happy belly vibes to you all!

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